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Red Bull-Lamborghini In 2017?

In what will be called  ‘The Coming Together Of The Bulls’ Red-Bull could be set to announce a new engine deal for the 2017 season which includes Lamborghini (owned by Volkswagen Group).   As previously reported Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann has stepped down after 14 years in the top job opening the doors for a return to Formula 1 and a possible partnership with Red Bull.  Volkswagen Group who owns Lamborghini is widely expected to enter Formula 1 in 2017/18 and may choose to use the Lamborghini brand and engineering for a technical partnership with Red Bull.

A senior engineer with the group has said “Market research has recently confirmed once again the significance of F1. The rub-off effects are substantial; we see enormous potential for the brand once the race series reinvents itself in 2017.


If all goes according to plan,  Volkswagen Group claims the cost is virtually neutral. The biggest part of the initial investment will be provided by Middle Eastern entrepreneurs and instead of relying on a marque or a specific product, they want to tap the commercial opportunities  F1 is offering.  The master plan is to use Red Bull as a doorway to F1 because of their immense success and world class infrastructure.  The pending sponsorship/technical partnership makes sense as Red Bull has been the primary sponsor of Audi DTM touring car series and the strong relationship between the leadership at Audi and Red Bull marks the way for a Volkswagen return to F1.

And… Just yesterday Christian Horner announced a 2017 deal which involves parties that can’t yet be named saying “We have now secured a new and competitive engine for the 2017 Formula 1 season… It’s difficult for me to say at the moment, without being able to announce what our engine plans are, but I believe we should be in a better position, everything’s open.  I think a lot of things are going to change.”

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